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Mandates, Myths and Models Gain insights into the current landscape and hot topics in Ukrainian Canadian education.


Effective Communications Strategies for the Ukrainian Community Present day media can include everything from websites, social media (including Facebook and Twitter), email newsletter services, and graphic design. The presentation will focus on basics of what your organization should and shouldn’t do, along with where to get help with both getting online and how to be effective in your communication. The session will also help explain some of the challenges that organizations currently face and how to engage students as an invaluable resource for communication.


Best Practices in Not-for-Profit Governance To assist cultural volunteer board members in gaining a better understanding of their role in the success of an organization. Best Board Practices is designed to help cultural non-profits to address some of their challenges.


Giving Voice to Ukrainian Canadian stories


This session aims to share Ukrainian Canadian stories as celebrated by the Kobzar Literary Awards
Is Ukraine Open for Canadian Business? With a new Free Trade Agreement and pro-western government, what opportunities are there for Canadians


Identity Denied: Holodomor, Canada’s First World War Internment Operations and the Residential School System


A look at the long-term  impacts  of three tragedies/injustices on Ukrainians and First Nations peoples
Government Engagement and Community Advocacy Why is it important for the Ukrainian community to be engaging government to affect change


Creativity, Innovation and Identity A conversation about the Arts, how our Ukrainian culture influences work being done, how it deepens our personal identities as Ukrainian Canadians, and how we represent our Ukr Can community to the rest of Canada.
Building Professional Careers in the new Ukraine Through the use of a Skype hook-up delegates will be able to engage with Canadian/American professionals who are building their careers in Ukraine.


Ukrainian Immigration: Why does it matter? This session will explore the current and future immigration situation for Ukrainians coming to Canada – what are the trends and how will this impact our community in the next 25 years.




“Fortieth Anniversary of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies: Past, Present, and Future” Its main purpose is to highlight four decades of activities and to outline how they have made an impact on Ukrainian studies not only in North America, but also in Europe and Ukraine. The panel will also discuss the new challenges for Ukrainian studies posed by political events, changes and approaches in the humanities and social sciences and the globalization of scholarship.


Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund This session will provide delegates with an overview of the scope and type of activities of the Fund as well as presentations by a couple of the projects supported financially


Building the Bridge – Engaging Newcomers and Youth Volunteers The landscape of volunteerism is changing faster than we can keep up. Our responsibility is to help bridge gaps and build strong, inclusive volunteer opportunities in our communities. This session will review how we currently engage newcomer and youth volunteers with a view to incorporate more opportunities from the steady flow of newcomers as well as give ideas to build capacity and offer meaningful experiences.


Canada’s Humanitarian and Technical Assistance to Ukraine


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Fundraising Strategies This session is to address the challenges and opportunities for community members to effectively fundraise to support their projects and activities.